Frequently Asked Questions

Does working with a certified, credentialed physician matter?
Yes! Dr. Nielsen completed her residency and board certification in Family Medicine in 2005. She is also certified by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, has successfully completed her board certification exams through the American Board of Bariatric Medicine, and is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine. When choosing a provider to assist you with weight loss - credentials and experience will ensure a quality experience!

How do I get started?
All patients interested in a weight loss program with Dr. Nielsen must start with a new patient appointment. This appointment is used to review your medial history, determine you are an eligible weight loss candidate, discuss goals, order additional laboratory testing, and gather information needed to customize a program that will work for you. An initial new patient visit costs $250. If less than one hour is spent your fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Are package rates available?
Yes! Once you complete your new patient visit and are deemed an eligible candidate, package rates are available for weight loss programs.

Do I have to use Meal Replacement in my program?
No. While meal replacement may be recommended, it is not required. Your program can be adjusted as necessary to fit your needs.

Can Dr. Nielsen be my Primary Care Physician?
No. Dr. Nielsen serves as a physician consultant. Primary Care, Urgent Care, and after-hours services are not available. While participating in a weight loss/lifestyle change program, Dr. Nielsen will adjust your medication, order labs, or refill prescriptions as necessary. Any/all information will be communicated to your Primary Care Physician at your request.

Will Dr. Nielsen speak with my Primary Care Physician?
Yes! We are happy to communicate with your personal physician at your request.

Does Dr. Nielsen prescribe prescription weight-loss medication?
Yes. Dr. Nielsen is a fully-licensed medical doctor. When appropriate, prescription medication is prescribed and/or adjusted to achieve maximum weight-loss success.

What is included in my office visit fee?
The office visit fee covers the cost of your consultation with Dr. Nielsen.

If Dr. Nielsen orders laboratory tests, do I have to pay for these out of pocket?
No, laboratory tests ordered will be drawn at your local hospital, and will be billed to your health insurance. You will be responsible for any costs not covered by your insurance company.

Do I have to purchase my supplements through Dr. Nielsen?
No. We provide a variety of pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements selected by Dr. Nielsen for quality and savings, however you are under no obligation to purchase our products.

Will Dr. Nielsen bill my health insurance?
No. Dr. Nielsen does not submit bills to insurance providers on your behalf, however we will provide you with the necessary information for you to submit the bill yourself (with the exception of Medicare). Payment is expected in full at the time of service. Cash/check/credit cards are accepted.

Can I use my Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account (HAS) funds for services?
YES! Both Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account (HAS) funds can be used for services and products.