Testimonials & Success Stories

"I feel like a different person. I cannot believe how much better I feel, it's shocking."

Sandra, age 56, lost 7 pounds in two weeks and experienced significantly less joint pain simply by changing the types of foods that she ate.

“I was very motivated. The Appetite Support Formula helped greatly with cravings.”
M.M. (age 63) lost 30 pounds in six months to get to her goal weight.

“My health was continuing in a negative pattern, other programs weren’t working…I knew if I didn’t make changes now it would have dire consequences.”

Sandra, age 63. In 12 weeks she lost over 18 pounds, dropped her blood sugars out of pre-diabetic range, her body mass index out of obese range, and broke her sugar cravings.

"The root cause of my poor eating habits was diagnosed and from that point, I was able to have success!"

Erin, age 37, lost 20 pounds and improved her self-confidence with a 12-week weight loss/lifestyle change program.

"One of the first things I was told was "Stop thinking about it being all or nothing. Stop focusing on what you're not eating and focus on what you are eating.""

Tamela, Age 54 - who lost 24 pounds in 12 weeks, including 4 inches off her hips and nearly 8 inches off her waist!

“The program was personalized to fit my needs, concerns. Once I learned how and what to eat I have been able to continue almost automatically. It works because it changes how you see food and gives you a healthy change, instead of yo-yo diets or a fad diet that you won't be able to do long-term. It is a lifestyle change, one that my body needed. I am able to pinpoint which foods make me feel sick and which ones add weight, and eliminate them.”

EL, Age 36. In 12 weeks, she lost 28 pounds, 7 inches off her waist, 4.5 inches off her chest, 3.75 inches off her hips, and 3.25 inches off her arm (and she even took a three-week vacation during her program! )

"It was easy, and I was not hungry. When using past programs I was feeling queasy most of the time. I really feel great!"

Bob, age 66, lost 14 pounds in 12 weeks, He improved his energy and reduced his aches and pains - simply by changing his diet.

Mark, age 39, lost nearly 22 pounds during his initial 12-week weight loss/lifestyle change program. How did he do it? "Changing my eating habits" (in his words). No gimmicks!

“Weight is never something women want to talk about but it is a common thread that ties us all together – namely our never ending struggle to lose weight and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Struggles with my weight have been consistent throughout my life. To make matters worse, I suffer from hypothyroidism and am now in my 40s – a lethal combination that accounts for an achingly slow metabolism. At the turn of my most recent birthday I knew that my life was spiraling out of balance and that something had to change. That’s when I sought the help of Dr. Nielsen.

In addition to creating a customized weight loss plan that worked for me (I am a vegetarian), Dr. Nielsen addressed other issues that had plagued my ability to lose weight. She adjusted my thyroid, got me on a regular schedule of proteins that work for me and most significantly, took a comprehensive blood panel to make sure we weren’t missing anything. In four months, I lost more than 20 pounds. Even better, I no longer suffer from nightmares – nightly nightmares that have troubled me for years. I am sleeping better, my energy level is consistent throughout the day, I am losing weight and I am feeling better about myself. My journey is not done yet (I still want to lose 20 more pounds) but I know that I can do it thanks to Dr. Nielsen and the program she created specifically for me. I also know that I can trust her for guidance when I get frustrated and to celebrate my successes even if they are just one pound lost per week. I could not have gotten as far as I have without Dr. Nielsen’s support and expertise – something I will forever be grateful for. Thank you Dr. Nielsen for helping me find a weight loss program that works for me and for helping me find the balance I was so desperately seeking!“ 

Marci, age 41

I originally decided to see Dr. Nielsen to lose 25 lbs and to get healthier. I found her program to be very comprehensive and I was surprised to find out how individualized a healthy weight loss program can be. Dr. Nielsen takes the time to learn about her patients and develops a program that is workable and sustainable. Not only have I lost the 25 lbs. by including vitamins in my daily routine, I feel better than ever!

Jennifer, Age 42


"I went to see Dr. Nielsen because I had been diagnosed with high cholesterol and I wanted to lower it without taking medication. I started a 12-week program in the beginning of December. She made it easy for me to start and changed things as I got more comfortable with the lifestyle changes I needed to make. By early March I had reached my goal, dropping my LDL by 51 points! I lost over 20 pounds, decreased my BMI by 3.7 points, and took 5 inches off of my waist! I enjoyed working with Dr. Nielsen and would choose to do so again."

Amy, age 42

I began seeing Dr. Nielsen last July as a last ditch effort to lose excess weight. I had already convinced myself that weight loss surgery was my last and only option, but I wanted to see what Dr. Nielsen could do for me as I had heard so many wonderful things about her and her practice. During my evaluation with Dr. Nielsen, she discovered I was moderately depressed among other things, and she wanted to treat the depression which in turn would assist in getting my eating under control. This was the first time that any health care provider looked beyond the obvious - my obesity - and saw that there were factors other than overeating that contributed to my excessive weight.

With Dr. Nielsen's guidance, I ended up losing approximately 40 pounds in the first four months. What I found in my experience in being Dr. Nielsen's patient is that she is a very open-minded, caring and warm individual that is invested in the success of her patients.

I will forever be grateful for the care and compassion that Dr. Nielsen continues to show me as I strive for a healthy balance in my life, and to ultimately reach my goal weight. I would recommend her in an instant because I know she takes excellent care of her patients - and most importantly changes their lives for the better in the process. I am proof of that.


“A Patient’s Own Words” Read this blog to learn more about our 12-week weight loss/lifestyle change programs: http://www.carinnielsenmd.com/blog/entry/a-patient-s-own-words-12-week-weight-loss-lifestyle-change-program

Our approach works!

  • At the end of her 12 week program, a 56 year-old client had lost 23.5 pounds and 3.8% of her body fat. She cut her blood pressure medication in half, cleared her psoriasis, and took her blood sugar out of the pre-diabetic range! This was all done simply by changing the types of food she was eating, and providing meal structure!
  • At the age of 75, one client lost 12 pounds in 12 weeks, cutting 2.5” off of her waist. She decreased her blood pressure and took her insulin and glucose levels out of the pre-diabetic range! It's never too late for change!
  • One of our biggest success stories is a 51 year-old client who in 16 weeks lost 30.3 pounds and took 5.5” off of her hips!
  • A 42 year old client lost 16.5 pounds in 16 weeks, including 3.5" off her waist and 2" off her hips. We used an herbal blend based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat her tension and give her the support she needed to succeed.
  • One 43 year old client lost 20.6 pounds in 12 weeks, including 14.6 pounds of body fat, and 5” off her waist. Even more impressive, she lowered her LDL cholesterol by 51 points! She learned how to adopt a plant-based diet - no more cholesterol medication for her!
  • A 63 year-old client lost 15 pounds in 12 weeks. That is 3% of her body fat, 2.5" off her waist and 2" off her hips! She stopped her blood pressure medication and lowered her LDL cholesterol by 36 points! She continues to lose weight and checks in periodically for support.
  • One of our favorite clients lost 14.2 pounds in 12 weeks at the age of 54. At her first visit she claimed "I don't think I can do this", yet she has signed on for an additional 12 weeks and continues to lose! She is doing it!